Letter from Brett Odgers, 13 December, 2016

It came as a shock to see the World War II Lockheed Hudson bomber standing alongside the Virgin check-in counter at Canberra Airport.

How many more military memorials and symbols should Canberra tolerate?

Canberra and the nation’s democratic identity and cultural institutions are better served these days at the airport, but the advent of the imposing bomber returns the flight portal to more like a military base.

Why do lobbyist firms supplying our armed forces persist with the advertisements for fighter planes and border-control vessels?

Co-sponsors of the bomber placement, Lockheed Martin, Virgin, the Australian War Memorial and the airport have selected a reactionary wartime symbol rather than more humane or civilised images.

Canberra is rich in national symbols, but the prevalence of defence, military and security buildings and memorials still qualifies our city, in the words of a 1998 visitor, as a “sheep in wolf’s clothing”.

Brett Odgers, Swinger Hill