Letter from Greg Ellis, 29 October, 2016

Neil James supposes being opposed to advertisements at the airport for weapons manufacturers makes you an overly sensitive ideologue who wants to be sheltered from “geostrategic reality” (Letters 27 October).

Such tough talk merely obscures the fact that it is James who is the fantasist sheltering from reality.

James imagines the advanced instruments of death are actually operating in our interests. They are not.

Recent evidence from Syria clearly indicates that they are providing battlefield cover for the terrorists who ply their trade there and in the streets of Western capitals. As a country within the narrowing orbit of those not militarily attacked by the US-NATO war machine, Australia is required to pay a hefty premium.

Protection money is extorted from us in the form of massive contracts for the owners of the world’s defence industries dictating US foreign policy.

The advertisements are meant to normalise this shakedown and remind our politicians as they travel through Canberra of exactly who is actually in charge.

Greg Ellis, Murrumbateman