Letter from Sue Wareham, 24 October, 2016

The Snow Foundation are to be congratulated for the valuable support they have given to a wide range of important com-munity groups over the past quarter century.

 This was made possible by “the family fortunes earned from the Canberra Airport and other developments” (“25 years of the Snow Foundation”, CT 14 Oct, page 8).

It remains deeply disappointing, however, that notwithstanding the very welcome new ACT government ads at Canberra Airport, the airport management has expressed no interest in foregoing advertising revenue from the weapons industry.

While philanthropy is always commendable, there is a very strong disconnect between, on the one hand, helping build up community groups and, on the other, promoting an industry whose products are designed to destroy.

A Lockheed Martin fighter jet might look innocent enough on a glossy panel at the airport, but to those on the receiving end in, say, Yemen, they are terrifying.

Canberrans are fortunate not to live with the ever-present threat of drone warfare and its frequent targeting errors, but for many civilians in the Middle East and elsewhere, terror in the skies is a daily reality.

Congratulations, Snow Foundation, on your good works, but please reconsider Canberra Airport’s promotions of products that bring fear, death and destruction to millions of people.

Dr Sue Wareham, Cook