Letter from Peter Maywald, 28 July, 2016

Congratulations to Dr Sue Wareham on her thoughtful commentary about promotions for military weapons at Canberra Airport ("Lest we forget: weapons are not just a product", Comment, July 25, p15). I agree that advertising instruments of mass death is a most inappropriate way to welcome visitors to the national capital. This just adds to the obscenity of spending around $100 billion on unnecessary submarines of unproven design together with joint strike fighter planes, the proto-types of which seem to specialise in falling out of the sky. This gross unwarranted expenditure on aggressive military hardware comes at a time when our government has made record cuts to peace-promoting overseas development assistance. Dr Wareham is right - advertising and accumulating lethal military weaponry will never lead the world to peace, but will rather heighten the risks of regional or global conflicts.

Peter Maywald, Queanbeyan, NSW