Letter from Sue Salthouse, 21 March 2018

We have a problem at the airport. Expansive images of military hardware floating through azure seas or lofting through clear unpolluted skies are not the images that should greet visitors to our city. They hide the truth that Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and the like are using this important gateway to Canberra to showcase their weapons of war designed to carry destruction and associated with incredible harm to the environment both in their manufacture and in their deployment.

An ACTU advertisement calling for social justice and improvements to the economic viability of our workforces is not in the same ball park, so it seems that some spurious criterion has been used to reject such a billboard. Nevertheless, I think your recent article "Airport refusesto display 'political' ACTU billboard", canberratimes.com.au, March16)  blurs the real picture.

The NoAirportArmsAdsCampaign.org.au rightly argues that multimillion-dollar outfits like Raytheon don't need photos of their wares to influence MPs.

Their million-dollar cheques are bargaining chips that give them ready entree to the top. Canberra's gateway deserves better – advertisements which showcase a university city, with national institutions, and a pristine environment are a much better message to sell. A consistent approach would get the arms ads out as well.

Sue Salthouse, Kingston