Letter from Sue Wareham, 5 August, 2017

There was an irony in the article "Airport on schedule amid security beef-up" (August 1, p4) and its accompanying photo, which depicted, as is usual for our airport, almost wall-to-wall weapons company advertisements at the Qantas carousel.

The irony is that we are reaping the consequences of promoting the role of warfare and all its paraphernalia in our national life. War and a weaponised economy have become the norm for us, and yet we are totally oblivious to the human costs for others. Thousands of civilians from Mosul are dead, and over a million displaced, as a result of fighting in which Australia took part, but for us it's just another ho-hum moment, sad, but let's move on.

And we wonder why we have enemies.

For those poised to reply that it's ridiculous to blame airport advertising for any real or alleged terrorist activities, let me state clearly that I agree. But anyone who cannot see links between the military-industrial complex we have created (in which advertising plays an important role), our perpetual state of fighting in other people's lands, and the desire of some to make us also suffer, is trying hard not to. Toss in our incapacity to say no to a US President itching for a fight and our future looks bleak unless we change direction.