Briefing papers

Nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons demand particular attention.  They represent mankind’s ultimate means of self-destruction, and our ultimate confrontation with the natural environment.  The purpose of these weapons is wholesale destruction on a massive scale.  Some companies that advertise at Canberra Airport are involved in their manufacture.

Thers is a strong global movement to ban these weapons.

Remember President Eisenhower...and others

In 1961 US President Eisenhower warned against the misplaced power of the military-industrial complex.  Many others since him have done similarly.  Here is a small selection of such warnings.

War and the environment

War and its preparation are one of the greatest destroyers of the built and natural environments.  Whether on land, at sea, or in the air, its environmental footprint is very heavy. 

Companies and their products

The No Airport Arms Ads (NAAA) campaign wants you to know more about some of the companies that advertise in this busy part of our city. NAAA believes ads for arms companies are neither welcome in the national capital nor welcoming. They should not be part of the face that Canberra presents to the world.

Arms companies promoting conflict

The current $70 billion international arms trade is extremely aggressive in its marketing.  The industry has a history of deliberately promoting the flow of weapons into already tense regions.  This undermines possibilities for far less destructive means of resolving conflicts.