It's time for the arms ads to go

No Airport Arms Ads is a campaign to have weapons advertising at Canberra Airport replaced by advertisements that give a friendlier greeting to visitors to our national capital.

People arriving at the airport are currently “greeted” by large display advertising for some of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturers, such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, ThyssenKrupps and others.

This is inappropriate for one of the major gateways to our capital city.

Canberra is a beautiful place with unique cultural, historical and natural attractions. Let’s showcase them at our airport!

The weapons ads help to normalise warfare and big military spending. They present a very sanitised image of what weapons do. They do not represent Canberra.


Airports say a lot about a place because they are both a city’s business card and its handshake: they tell us what a community yearns to be as well as what it really is.

Travel author Pico Iyer, quoted on Canberra Airport’s website.





Canberra Airport photo credit: Greg Sorenson